Entrance Matting

Entrance matting is key to keeping your facility safe and clean. Entrance mats practically reduce the number of accidents from slips and trips, protect the floor from avoidable wear and tear, and play a vital role in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.


Matting is highly effective in removing and trapping dirt before it can be tracked inside, keeping floors noticeable cleaner and dryer. Durable and easy to clean, our entrance matting comes in a wide range of options to perfectly suit your needs.


Entrance Matting

Boston Group is proud to introduce the ecoMat™: a unique PVC free, 100% recyclable and reusable entrance mat made from a proprietary blend of environmental friendly polymers. The ecoMat™ captures and ­contains dirt and moisture before it enters the building.

The ecoMat™ is suitable for environments where Regular trolley wheeled traffic (1100 lbs max per trolley) and Travelator wheeled trolleys up to 660 lbs pass over it on a daily basis. Powered and non powered plant machinery should not be used without adequate matting protection.



Entrance Matting

SafeStep™ is used for entrances to all types of private and public sector buildings including offices, retails centres, banks, line shops, schools, sports and leisure centres and change rooms.

This is where foot traffic is squeezed through concentrated area such as a doorway or on a stairwell. Soil builds up imperceptibly in these areas. That’s why planned attention must be given in advance. Attention must also be given to high risk areas such as shop floors before people enter.

ecoMat Fusion™

Boston’s latest entrance matting development is the ecoMat ­Fusion™. This matting system combines the excellent and strong ­performance of the Boston ecoMat™ and the SafeStep™ carpet.


This is Boston’s solution for area’s where the original ­ecoMat™ takes too much space. The ecoMat Fusion™ combines scraping and drying in a few square meters.


The tiles come in 19.7" x 19.7" ­sections, including the carpet and are easy to connect and to cut. Available with ­various carpet colors.


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